About Aqua Aero


Aqua Aero Coatings BV was founded in 2016 by Wouter Scheffer. Based on acquired experience in companies such as Blygold International, Thermoguard and Zamil Industrial, the involved HVAC&R coating formulas and application processes developed over time. One-component solvent based Polyurethane coatings were considered a standard all over the world to protect heat exchanging coils.

While working under the most aggressive exposure conditions in Saudi Arabia at Zamil, Wouter Scheffer recognized the need for innovation. Applying ‘old-school’ poisonous, people and environmentally unfriendly products in an OEM plant or at site results more and more often in exclusion from the business strategies of reputable HVAC&R companies. The idea to develop water based HVAC&R Coatings, that comply with the Environment, Health and Safety standards, was born.

The first Aqua Aero products were developed and tested starting in 2010 in the highly corrosive coastal and industrial areas of Saudi Arabia, at the highest temperatures, the highest humidity levels, severe abrasive conditions, and heavy UV exposure. By innovation on product recipes, application processes and the constant strive for a 100% green footprint, Aqua Aero has developed the new HVAC&R Coating standard.

Aqua Aero products have been performing for almost 10 years now in the most aggressive exposures, like the mines in Congo, desalination plants in the Middle East, data centers in the USA and many more. Over the past years, the requirement for antimicrobial coatings has grown exponentially. Aqua Aero partners are executing antimicrobial coating applications in school districts, hospitals, food processing plants and office buildings from America to Europe and Asia. Aqua Aero is growing to be the new standard of both anti-corrosion coatings and antimicrobial protection in the HVAC&R industry.

Since early 2021, Aqua Aero has opened a coating shop in Barcelona to serve the OEM market in South West Europe, upon the request of our customers. In both product and process innovation, the main drive for Aqua Aero is circularity.

For all your inquiries, innovation, quality control, technical support, quotes, logistics support and all other services, please contact our team in The Netherlands or Spain.



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