Paintshop Barcelona

The Aqua Aero workshop in Barcelona Spain is a licensed applicator and fully owned branche of Aqua Aero Coatings in the Netherlands to serve the South West Europe OEM air conditioning industry. The paint workshop is a fully equipped professional organisation to apply the highest standard coil and panel coatings, by a 100% neutral footprint and non hazard off-gas. Short turn around times and no limits to size and weight are our standard.


AA Barcelona has a highly sophisticated workshop where RTPF, Micro Channel and complete units are coated up to C5 standards. Depending the corrosive exposure conditions the customer can choose a Mid-Tier or High-Tier protection. AA coatings are warranted for up to ten years and can be touched up once installed by aerosol can, in case damaged.


  • Highly experienced coating professionals for OEM equipment.
  • Equipped with heating tunnel to ensure on going production.
  • Short turn around times.
  • 10 year warranty programmes.
  • 100 % environmental friendly.

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