Aqua Aero References

Hawaii Coatings // Hawaii, USA

“We got you covered and protect your investment are our two most used lines at Hawaii Coatings. We couldn’t wish for a better partner than Aqua Aero to achieve these two goals. We have been using the water based coatings for years now and this sustainable solution has helped me expand my business. Despite the time difference and the great distance, it is pleasant to communicate with the Aqua Aero people and my orders always arrive as agreed. That is why I heartily recommend these 100% green footprint coatings.”

Joshua Sanchez

Founder & CEO of Hawaii Coatings

Orange Climate Verhulst // Drunen, The Netherlands

“OC Verhulst uses with great satisfaction thousands of kilos Aqua Aero floor coating to protect the highest quality AHUs in the Netherlands. In addition to the floor coating, in 2020 we switched to Direct To Metal panel coating and our own customized orange colored coil coating. Orange Climate is an expert in climate control and renovation and Aqua Aero supports us on all fronts, from high quality water based coatings to excellent service and advice.”

Aart-Jan Mels

Salesmanager Renovation & Maintenance

Direct Coil // Millhaven, Canada

“Direct Coil is an advanced manufacturer, based in Millhaven, Canada, and Tennessee, USA, of custom heat transfer products with enormous capabilities. Aqua Aero has been our loyal partner in solving anti-corrosion problems for years. The antimicrobial coil coatings with standard UV-resistance are applied to numerous heat exchangers that are installed in the most corrosive environments. Direct Coil stands for quality and that goes hand in hand with Aqua Aero water based coatings.”

Pat Occhicone

President & CEO of Direct Coil

Shield Air // Houston, USA

“We have applied Aqua Aero coatings to thousands of coils and unit exteriors for all our customers, which have been exposed to offshore and refinery conditions. […] I strongly recommend Aqua Aero as they have been an excellent partner in the corrosion industry.”

Barry Loder

CEO and President of Shield Air Solutions Inc.

Bluchem // Cape Town, South Africa

“Since 2015, we have been using Aqua Aero coatings for all our anti-corrosion challenges. At Bluchem we use exterior coatings and coil coatings that are applied by means of spray and flow processes. Over the years we have been able to complete countless projects with great success. The Bluchem mission: once a customer, always a customer, is partly thanks to Aqua Aero.”

Kevin Raath

General Manager of Bluchem


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